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Ballistics Questions
Reloading, Testing, Training & Other Questions
Reloading, Testing, Training & Other Questions

Feel free to ask any questions about long range shooting, firearms, reloading and load testing. we will endevor to answer them as quickly as we can. The most interesting and commonly asked questions will be added to the website. Please log your questions in the "Feedback & Suggestions" segment of this site.

SAM Trainer

Question: Can I tailor target dimensions to provide a realistic scoring comparason, say for example with Australian Full-Bore target dimensions for 800m?

Answer: Yes, the system allows you to enter the 800m target dimensions, so when you practice at say 10m indoors, the dimensions would be 80 times smaller on the Target Analysis.


Question: How many times can I reload brass?

Answer: This depends on many factors. The answer is usually somewhere between 3 and 30 times. If you use high quality brass with a mild load and a tight chamber and only Full Lengh Resize say every 5th Reload (Neck Sizing for the other reloads), then you should expect 15-25 reloads. A hot load in a sloppy chamber with cheap brass will display stress or will fail fairly quickly, in which case you may only get a few reloads. In all cases, examine the brass carefully before every reload for signs of stress.

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