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Following numerous requests from Customers, we are pleased to bring you a selection of great Reference Books aimed at assisting with long range shooting and accuracy. If you'd like us to get in any other relevant books that you think may be useful to Precision Shooters, please let us know.

Please note that from time to time books may be out of stock. This will be noted on this page and not on the eShop page.

Understanding Firearm Ballistics
by Robert A. Rinker

This book has been improved and broadened with up-to-date text information. Included are explanations of terminal ballistics, wind deflection, trajectory, ballistic co-efficients, velocity, drag and much more. The revised edition contains more formulas, more detailed examples, more charts and sketches and more technical details. The text is written in a clear, understandable fashion by a shooter who knows shooters. The mathematical equations are provided, but the text is written so the reader can get the information without doing the math if he wishes. Soft cover, 430 pages.

PRICE: AU$49.90 Buy Now
Postage is $5.50 to anywhere in Australia.

Precision Shooting at 1000 Yards
by Dave Brennan

This book is for the dedicated lover of serious rifle accuracy with respect to long range shooting. The 13 chapters are authored by writers/shooters well versed in long-range shooting. With the exception of part of two chapters, all text is previously unpublished. Chapters include an in-depth interview with a champion long range shooter -Tom Whitaker, a history of long range gunsmiths, 1,000 yard benchrest shooting, 1,000 yard optics, conventional long range highpower shooting, F-class shooting, reloading for 1,000 yard shooting, live varmint shooting at 1,000 yards, etc. Soft Cover, 256 pages.

PRICE: AU$69.90 Buy Now
Postage is $5.50 to anywhere in Australia.

The Hunters Guide to Accurate Shooting
by Wayne van Zwoll

In The Hunters Guide to Accurate Shooting, firearms and ballistics expert Wayne van Zwoll tells you how to become a better shot, both on the range and in the field. His clear, readable and entertaining descriptions of rifles, cartridges, sights and shooting techniques make this book a page turner for any rifle enthusiast or hunter. Dr van Zwoll has made guns and shooting his vocation for 25 years and he brings in the advice of other renowned marksmen from extradordinary hunters, trick shooters and Olympic shooters.

PRICE: AU$24.90  Buy Now 
Postage is $5.50 to anywhere in Australia.

Dead On: The Long-Range Marksman's Guide to Extreme Accuracy by Tony M. Noblitt and Warren Gabrilska

This hands-on manual walks the shooter through every step required to become a true long-range marksman, from understanding minute-of-angle principles and selecting a rifle, caliber and cartridge to mounting and zeroing a scope, estimating wind values, dealing with mirage, understanding bore sighting, selecting and using iron sights, shooting with a variety of slings, performing preventive maintenance on your rifle and using range finders. Includes scope adjustment charts for a long list of rounds.

The authors have decades of experience as bullet designers, NRA marksmen and competition shooters and explain every aspect of long-range shooting in easy-to-understand terms. If you want to become the kind of shot that fellow shooters speak well of and envy, this book is right on target.

 PRICE: AU$27.90 Buy Now 
Postage is $5.50 to anywhere in Australia.

Applied Ballistics for Long-Range Shooting
by Bryan Litz

Exterior ballistics is a very mature science.  Unfortunately, many shooters have not been able to completely access this field of knowledge because it’s usually described in highly technical language.  The objective of this book is to explain the important elements of exterior ballistics in a practical way that can be understood and applied by shooters.

This book also offers an original contribution to the long range shooting sports: experimentally measured Ballistic Coefficient (BC) data for over 236 long range bullets of all popular brands.  With truly accurate BC’s, shooters are empowered to make very precise trajectory calculations.


PRICE: AU$69.90 Buy Now 
Postage is $5.50 to anywhere in Australia

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