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Sierra Infinity Ballistics Software v6.1
DISAG SAM Wireless Trainer System
DISAG Target Scoring Machines
MagnetoSpeed Chronographs
Kestrel Wind Meters & Accessories
Sniper Tools Angle Cosine Indicator & Mount
Anti Cant Device
Full Bore & F-Standard plotting Book
Storm Tactical Military & Sniper Data Books
Harris Bipod & Pod-Loc
Reference Books
PRS Rifle Cradles
SLIK Tripods & Accessories

LongShot Software provides accurate and reliable shooting related software. Our product suite comprises of several products. Feel free to browse the site and select the ones that are most suitable to you.


SAM Wireless Trainer System: Use State of the Art lazer technology to track and trace your shots from your rifles, pistols onto precision scale targets for indoor training and practice. See exactly what happens when you pull the trigger and check your scores. Create custom targets for realistic analysis. Used by top shooting clubs and world class marksmen for training and practice.

Shooting Chrony Chronographs:  Knowing the actual velocity of your projectiles shot out of your rifles is supremely important to calculating the ballistic flight and for working out the most efficient load for your use. A quality Chronograph for measring bullet velocities is a must for any shooter or reloader, both for on the range and in the field. We have the popular Alpha Chrony, Beta Chrony and Gamma Chrony as well as the Ballistic Printer from Shooting Chrony Inc in the States to cater for every budget and need.


Kestrel 2500NV (Night Vision) Wind Meter & Accessories : 
For any shooter, hunter or outdoorsman, you need accurate information on the prevailing weather conditions at your location. Shooters require ballistic data using wind strength, altitiude, barometric pressure, temperature, hunters need to see weather trends for tracking game and planning movement. All this information and more is available in the Kestrel 2500NV wind meter. .

Angle Cosine Indicator & Mount:  Shooting uphill or downhill caused the bullet to shoot at effectively a shorter range causing many shooters to overshoot their target. An Angle Cosine Indicator (ACI) fixed to your rail or scope enables you to quickly and accurately measure the change you need to apply for a correct ballistic solution. This US made Mil-Spec tool is a must for Australian or New Zealand hunters shooting from over or under your target.   

Anti Cant Devices: Shooting at long range (indeed at any range) with a cant in your rifle (where it leans left or right) will effect the windage and elevation adjustments. If you know your angle of cant and use a good ballistics calculator, you'll have no problem, However these Anti Cant Devices will ensure your cant is removed symplifying your ballistics solution.  

PRS Rifle Cradles: A very practical solution to shooting your rifle off the bipod, over obstacles with great stability. The PRS Rifle Cradles attach onto any Tripod with a 1/4" 20 screw attachment such as the SLIKs below. The cradle supports the rifle while in the shoulder for accurate long range shots. A must have for any kit bag. 

SLIK Tripods & Accessories:Everyone needs a good tripod. We have found the SLIK Sprint Pro II and Mini Pro II to be the best. The Sprint Pro II elevates from an exceptionally low 7 inches to a comfortable 63 inches, making it ideal for prone, sitting, seated and standing work. The Mini Pro II elevates from a low 7 inches to a seated comfortable 43 inches. Their Quick Release plate enables you to set it up in seconds. A stable and flexible platform for all sorts of applications. Ideal for your Spotting Scope, Laser Range Finder, Rifle Cradle, Chronagraph and of course Camera and Video Camera. .  

Harris Bipod & Pod-Loc: Accurate shooting requires a stable platform. The best portable platform is the bipod. Harris bipods are amongst the best there is, combining great design with functionality and cost effectiveness. The addition of a Pod-Loc provides additional ease of use.


Full Bore & F-Standard Plotting Books: Massive 80 page Plotting Book for Full Bore and F-Standard Shooters. includes new ICFRA target measurements including the Super-V. Comes with very detailed plotting shoots as well as Wind Charts, conversion tables and allows you to store all your range settings.  

Military and Sniper Data Books:  Storm Tactical in the USA produce some of the finest Military and Snoper Data Books for keeping track of all the key information you need and to record all your long range shots. Great for the range or in the field. We have two types of Data Book as well as the zippered water resistant covers which you can use with the LongShot Plotting Books or your own Plot Data. 

Reference Books:  Due to customer demand we have bought in some leading titles in Reference Books to assist with your reloading, long range and accurate shooting. Stock will vary so check the list for available titles. 


Multi-Tools: Useful items for shooters and hunters. At the moment we have the very practical and extremely useful Taipan Stockade and Westerner Multi-Tools. Ideal for gifts and additions to home, car or pack.

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If you know of any other great shooting related software and systems that might be offered by LongShot Software on this website, please contact sales@longshotsoftware.com or send a note via our Feedback page.

We will be introducing more products in due course, so feel free to bookmark this site and come back for a look from time to time.

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