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Full Bore & F-Standard plotting Book
Full Bore & F-Standard Rifle Plotting Book
With new ICRFA Target Dimensions including Super-V. (as of Jan 2010)

LongShot Full Bore & F-Standard plotting Book
Easy to read A5 size.
Non-reflective light green colour.
Each Plotting Book Includes:
·         80 Pages each with detailed Plotting Charts
·         Settings Page for all your elevation settings, 300 to 1000 Metres/Yards
·         Wind chart in Minutes of Angle (MOA) out to 1000 Metres
·         Flag and Mirage Chart, Mph and KMph
·         ICFRA Target Dimensions in millimetres and MOA for 300 to 1000 Metres
·         ICFRA Target Dimensions in Inches and MOA for 300 to 1000 Yards
·         Imperial and Metric Conversion Tables for Metres to Yards and Yards to Metres
·         Imperial and Metric Conversion Tables for Miles per hour to Kilometres per hour and Kilometres per hour to Miles per hour.
·         Conversion for Inches to Centimetre, Centimetre to Inches, MOA to Inches and MOA to mm.

Image showing plenty of space for recording shooting details
Plotting Page gives you space to record:
·         Event Details: Date, Location, Elevation, Shooter Name, Range, Stage Number, Target Number and Event Name.
·         Environment Details: Weather, Temperature, Light
·         Firearm Details: Rifle Name, Calibre and Ammo ID.
·         Foresight / Optic details: Foresight Height (for adjustable Foresights), Foresight Ring Size, Optic Power for Eagle Eye (if used) or Scope Magnification.
·         Adjustment Details: Starting and Finishing Elevation Settings, Starting and Finishing Wind Settings.
·         Custom Boxes for any personalised details you wish to record.
·         Wind Direction and Speed
·         Mirage Direction and Speed
·         Track Two Sighting Shots and up to 15 Counting Shots keeping Elevation and Wind changes and Call.
·         Space to record your Shooting Plan and Shooting Review, great for any analysis and general comments.
·         Plot your shots on a Target with approx ½ MOA grid for your analysis and records.

Plotting Books are available for sale as individual books suitable for individual shooters, and lots of 10 or 100 ideal for clubs and associations where you can sell to members for a modest income.
One Book: $9.90
plus postage and packing ($2.50 for Australian Customers). Buy Now
Ten Book Pack: $79.90 ($7.99 per book)
plus postage and packing ($12.90 for Australian Customers). Buy Now
1.6kg Approx
Sixty Book Pack: $330.00 ($5.50 per book)
plus postage and packing ($25.00 for Australian Customers). Buy Now
10.0kg Approx
Over Sixty Books: Please contact sales@longshotsoftware.com or call 02 9801 5243

Note: The new ICFRA Target dimensions including the Super-V and revised 400m and 400yd dimensions have been included in the Score Book as of January 2010. For those that bought the Book prior to January 2010 the revised dimensions can be downloaded from here: ICFRA Target Dimensions 2010.

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