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Kestrel - 2500 NV (Night Vision) Wind Meter
Olive Green, Night vision wind meter measuring: Current Wind Speed, Maximum Wind Gust,  Average Wind Speed,  Air, Water & Snow Temperature, Wind Chill, Barometric Pressure and Altitude.
Price  $ 299.00
Angle Cosine Indicator (ACI)
For mounting on left side of scope
Price  $ 199.00
Badger Ordinance Mount
For mounting your ACI on a Pictinny Rail.
Price  $ 88.00
Anti Cant Device 30mm Black
Anti Cant Device, Black, 30mm
Price  $ 55.00
SLIK Pro Sprint II Tripod
Lightweight, Strong extremely adjustible tripod siitable for prone, sitting, seated and standing use. Comes with Quick Release Plate with standard 1/4 inch-20 Camera screw.
Price  $ 120.00
SLIK Quick Release Plate
Quick release Plate suitable for the Pro Sprint II tripod. Comes with 1/4" - 20 Standard Camera screw for attaching to Spotting Scopes, Chronographs, Rifle Cradles, Laser Range FindersCamera and Video Cameras.
Price  $ 19.00
SLIK Mini Pro II Tripod
Price  $ 120.00
Harris 6-9" Swivel Notched Bipod
Price  $ 199.00
Pod-Loc for Harris Bipod
Price  $ 39.80
PRS Rifle Cradle SSP-1 Olive Drab
Price  $ 65.00
PRS Rifle Cradle SSP-1 Brown
Price  $ 65.00
PRS Rifle Cradle SSP-1 Camo
Price  $ 65.00
PRS Rifle Cradle SSP-1 Black
Price  $ 65.00
Anti Cant Device 34mm Black
34mm Black Anti Cant device
Price  $ 55.00
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WelcomeProductseShopLinksImage GalleryContact UsFeedback & FAQs