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Anti Cant Device

 Anti Cant Devices, Black 30mm or 34mm

The anti-cant device fits onto your scope like a scope ring and tells you whether your rifle is level or not. It is that simple.

There has been a lot of research done about the cant of a rifle affecting accuracy. Basically the more you cant (lean the rifle left or right), the more the bullet will impact to that side. (and drop very slightly more). The longer the shot, the greater the difference the impact will be. A perfectly vertical rifle will eliminate the calcualtions needed to compensate for cant. 

This bubble level affixes to the scope of your rifle where it is easy to see. Perfect for those shooting off a mechanically supported position. Also works well as a front sight level for Full Bore match and long range rifles.

Our Anti Cant Devices are in Black only and suitable for either a 30mm or a 34mm tube.

One Inch and Silver devices are available on Back Order only. Please enquire.

Price: Anti Cant Device Black 30mm : $55.00 plus postage and packing ($7.99 for Australian Customers).
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Price: Anti Cant Device Black 34mm: $55.00 plus postage and packing ($7.99 for Australian Customers).
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WelcomeProductseShopLinksImage GalleryContact UsFeedback & FAQs