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DISAG SAM Wireless Trainer System

The SAM Wireless Trainer

The SAM Wireless Trainer is the latest development in training systems for the target shooting sports. The system is designed to provide realistic training and thorough analysis for a wide range of differing short- and long-barrelled target guns and the relevant competition targets. This offers ambitious shooters the possibility of training, of identifying and correcting systematic errors and of improving their performances away from the shooting range, or in other words, at home. The system allows for shooting training over
shorter distances which the user is free to determine, for example 4 or 6 metres, with suitably
proportioned aiming marks; the software enables you to print out the desired aiming mark
according to your choice.

The equipment is also ideally suited for use in training centres. Training and evaluation of individual shots and whole strings, the widest range of different shooting disciplines, and also comparisons between several shooters are all possible, without the need to fire even one single 'live' shot.

How does the system work?

The hardware package measures the position, movement and steadiness of the gun during aiming, together with the exact moment in time when the trigger is released to fire the (training) shot; and it calculates whereabouts on the target the point of impact of a real shot would have been. In addition, the movements of the gun before, during and after the execution of the shot are displayed. When replayed, mistakes such as failure to follow through or variable canting of the gun can be observed and subsequently eliminated. With the use of optional additional components, the take-up of pressure on the trigger and also the heartbeat of the shooter can be simultaneously displayed and evaluated. A specially-modulated infra-red light is emitted from a source in the target-holder (the aiming unit) and received and evaluated by an IR sensor (the sensor unit) which must be attached to the gun. The release of the trigger causes vibrations in the gun which are measured by an accelerometer, also integrated in the sensor unit. The raw data is then wirelessly transmitted to a computer, for example a notebook. The computer analyses, displays, saves and outputs the data.

The SAM wireless trainer offers the shooter a comfortable, safe, and quiet means of practicing his or her sport at home, in the club or in a training centre. Performance can be analyzed, mistakes can be identified and rectified, and therefore competition results can be improved. A particularly significant advantage is that you can now train at home over shorter distances than are usual for the particular discipline, using suitably scaled-down target aiming marks. It is also possible to use several wireless training systems together in one practice space, for example in a training centre, because different transmission channels can be selected.

System Requirements:
* IBM compatible PC
* AMD/Intel-CPU 400MHz (1GHz recommended)
* Memory depending on the operating system
* SVGA-Grafics 800x600 at 32768 colours or better (1024x768 Truecolor
* Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
* free USB-Port
* CD-ROM drive
* 10 MB free disk space
* Soundcard for speech and shoot-sounds recommended

Download SAM Trainer User Manual


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