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Harris Bipod Low (6-9”) Notched Swivel

Harris bipods are probably the most popular bipod there is for hunters, shoters, military and Law Enforcement. If you want a cost effective and easily portable bipod, this is the best on the market.

The Harris bipods are quick to attach and detach, and clamp to the quick detachable sling swivel stud on any rifle.

The one we prefer is the HBLMS (Harris Bipod Low M (Notched) Swivel). This provides maximum stability and a lower profile. Medium and High Bipods are available on request.

In this bipod the legs eject by spring action. The notches adjust the hight settings in 1" increments. The bipod swivels to either side for instant levelling on uneven ground. The hinged base has tension adjustment and buffer springs to eliminate tremour and looseness.


Harris 6-9” Notched Swivel Bipod
: $199.00

plus postage and packing ($7.99 for Australian Customers). Buy Now




Pod-Loc for Harris Swivel Bipod

The Harris "S" type bipods allow you to tilt or cant your rifle side to side to level your crosshairs. It's a great system, however, the friction tensioning knob may be hard to adjust with your fingers.

Image: Pod-Loc on Harris Bipod


The Pod-Loc is an easy to fit replacement for the friction tensioning knob to give you much better control and leverage. You can adjust the cant of the rifle, then swing the Pod-Loc arm to lock the rifle steady, or tension it for stable adjustment.

The S-Lever can also be released and re-positioned after you've adjusted it.

Pod-Loc for Harris Swivel Bipod: $39.80
plus postage and packing ($2.50 for Australian Customers).
Buy Now

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