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LongShot is a company dedicated to providing world class Ballistics and Shooting related technology and associated equipment suitable for all levels of shooters and reloaders involved in Long Range and Precision Shooting.
We leverage extensive experience in the technology industry with a passion for shooting providing practical and reliable software and shooting related solutions that shooters demand.

Feel free to call and have a chat about your needs and requirements. You can purchase using the on line eShop, or over the phone.

What's New

June 2015 - WE ARE UPDATING OUR ENTIRE STORE AND WILL SOON MOVE TO A NEW HOSTING SITE. Some preparation work is going on within this site, so please excuse some mess. 

Also, as most people usually call my mobile I've dropped our land line. Please just use the mobile number for any text, voicemails and enquiries. 
Mobile: 0402 153 947

On this site the eshop may not function (it's been doing strange things recently), please email or call to place orders. It appears to be a PayPal issue with Credit Cards, but PayPal payments seem not to have any problems.

Later we will move to a new site
www.longshotprecision.com (still under construction). Our new trading name will be LongShot Precision Shooting. We'll keep you posted when the change over happens.

The new branding will enable us to get better and more great quality products.


25th June 2015

- We've taken stock of some great new products.Firstly we have the great Storm Tactical Precision Rifle & Sniper Data Books and Covers, These are used by Police and Military organisations for their Sniper and Marksmanship units. These are ideal for long range target shooters and hunters,

- Due to demand we have got in some copies of the bookg Applied Ballistics for Long-Range Shooting by Byron Litz. This tome is suited to more experianced shooters who require more advanced data and information for true long range accuracy.,

- Just in the PRS Rifle Cradle, a very cleaver and practical way to support your rifle for shooting over obstacles using a Tripod. Used by Military and Law Enforcement units, this is great for the Australian bush for taking stable long range shots over grass, rocks etc,

- We've been adding to the Products list and providing shooters with more top quality gear. We have already recieved a shipment of the extremely versitile SLIK Tripods, Harris Bipods, Eagle Rifle Bags, and other items aimed at the precision and long range shooter. Watch this space for more updates.

- A few more goodies have arrived in this month. We have recieved stock of the Sierra Infinity v6.1 Ballistics Software, offering a tidy budget software package for shooters and reloaders. We have also bought in some Anti Cant Devices which attach directly to your rifle scope mitigating shooting errors due to rifle cant (leaning left or right). And finally due to popular demand we have bought in a selection of Reference Books to help with accurate long range shooting.

- Every shooter knows that when you shoot uphill or downhill, your effective range is shorter. In order not to overshoot your target you need an Angle Cosine Indicator. This Mil Spec add-on to your scope or mount tells you the actual correction for range for spot on shooting.

- Knowing precisely what the actual velocity of your bullets are doing is the basis of all Ballistic calculations. The Shooting Chrony Chronographs we offer gives you precise and accurate ballistic data for all your subsiquent ballistic solutions. We have a range of Chronographs for all budgets. No reloader or hunter should be without one. 

- We have just recieved the marvellous Kestrel 2500 NV (Night Vision) Wind Meters. These great tools enable you to accurately measure wind speed, temperature, barometric pressure, altitude for precise shots. You require all this data for imputting your ballistics program for spot on first shot hits.

- We have produced a revised Target Dimensions sheet for the Full Bore & F-Standard Plotting Books. This includes the new Super-V dimensions as well as the revised 400yd and 400m dimensions. This revised Dimensions Sheet can be downloaded from here  ICFRA_Target_Dimensions_2010.pdf

- We have found some great Multi-Tools from Taipan Multitools and are sure they would make a great accessory to your shooting bag or hunting pack. We've created a new Item Catagory 'Other Tools and Accessories" for these items.

- We have now recieved stock of our new Full Bore & F-Standard Plotting Books. These books contain 80 plotting sheets and incorporate the new ICFRA Target dimensions, windage chart, settings page and many other features.

- We are pleased to announce that LongShot has been appointed as the exclusive importers and distributers of the SAM Wireless Trainer (SAM Funktrainer) and DISAG Target Scoring machines system for Australia and New Zealand by DISAG in Germany.
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